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Colorado Micro Beer Tours.






Enjoy the best tasting beers from Colorado’s Micro Breweries.

Colorado isn’t just a state known for being a mile high and for its beautiful mountains- when it comes to beer and breweries, we don’t mess around. Between Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder, you’ll find amazing Colo than 72 breweries, including Coors Brewing Company. We are ranked in the top five for US beer production, number of breweries, and number of microbreweries. Denver might as well be called the beer capital. With that said, take a look at our list of our 5 recommended Microbreweries in Denver, and why not consider making a day out of brewery tastings in style, and book your limo with us today! We customize brew tours to fit your taste buds, party size and interest to make the outing safe and special for everyone.


Once upon a time, there was a ski bum named Richard Squire who happened to have a lucky talent with brewing. He founded Breckenridge Brewery in the 1980’s, and its Denver outpost opened in 1992. It is also popular with baseball fans as The Breckenridge Brewery Ballpark Pub is right across from Coors Field. Now, Breckenridge Brewery has 5 locations and ships to 32 states. Make sure to try the Nitro Vanilla Porter which combines hints of chocolate, caramel, and coffee.

Great Divide Brewing Co.

This staple of Denver’s beer scene is both a brewery and a taproom and is one of the most decorated breweries in the nation. Great Divide Brewing Co specialize in strong beers with alcohol content greater than 7 percent. You can tour the brewery floor to witness the brewing process firsthand, and afterward taste both the year-round and seasonal brews. Book your Brew Tour Today!


Hogshead Brewery

After immigrating from London to Colorado, Steve Kirby decided the one thing the Denver beer scene was missing was an Colorado Micro Beer is the best. Try Hogshead in Highlands, ColoraodEnglish-Style brewery. So, he decided to open one himself in 2012. Hogshead primarily brews “bitters”, or what we would call a pale ale. For a fun fact, this brewery is named after a British unit of measurement for beer and other liquids- a “hogshead” of ale is equal to about 64 American gallons. Make sure to try the Hogwild IPA- a hybrid with a hoppy aroma of bitterness and the yeast and malty backbone of a typical English ale.


Denver Beer Co.

With inspiration from Bavaria’s beer gardens, the Denver Beer Co. has focused this local brewery on brewing the perfect seasonal beer, matching the freshest ingredients and selections to the changing seasons. Denver Beer Co. brews in small batches which allows for maximum creativity with new recipes. Even though the beers on tap change weekly, there are still always a few crowd favorites around. Don’t miss out on the Smoked Lager, a woody, malty brew with a crisp finish that is available in the summer.


Strange Brewing Co.

Strange Brewing got its start when two guys (John Fletcher and Tim Myers) lost their jobs at the Rocky Mountain News and then decided to start a home brewery. They opened Strange Brewing Company in 2010 and it is growing quickly due to its fine-tuned, popular recipes. Don’t leave without trying the Le Bruit de Diable – an innovative Belgian that’s rooted in tradition with Belgian Pilsner malt mixed with Belgian Caramel Vienne and Munich malts for a surprising color and complexity. This brewery has many great events happening each month. Make it a fun event. Book one of our cars today and we’ll drive you there and back safely.



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